The expression of Canadian cultural inheritance is showcased through the many socio-cultural activities and events within our country that Folklore Canada is affiliated with. Through the collaboration with institutions that establish and organize events requiring the participation of national and international groups promoting Canadian cultural pluralism at home and abroad.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to address issues for Folklore Canada that will help put forth to further develope Multiculturalism within Toronto and in Canada. Part of the mission of Folklore Canada is to build on and develope the traditions, values and expression of Folk Art in Canada encompassing the “Canadian Spirit of multiculturalism”. This gives Canadians from all over our country the opportunity to meet to discuss matters such as:

The promotion of our cultural identity as Canadians; Ensembles & folk groups and the importance of the participation of Canadian Groups at local, national and international Folk Festivals.
The collaboration with other organizations that arrange events requiring the participation Canadian ensembles at world-renowned festivals.
The Budget of Folklore Canada International.
The generation for new membership and interest in the organization of Folklore Canada locally, provincially and federally.

As in the past, the AGM attracts members from all over Canada. As we grow, we expect to soon have representation from every province. The conferences are held in the two official languages of Canada.
Folklore Canada shares the fundamental values conveyed by the International Council of the Organizations of the Folk Festivals and Traditional Arts (CIOFF) and UNESCO. This includes helping to arrange performance tours, support and orchestrate the arrival of foreign cultural groups to Canada as well as facilitate the participation of Canadian cultural groups in worldwide activities and performance tours abroad.

Director – Guy Landry
President – Jean-Claude Menard
Leticia Bulotano-Wheeler
Wendy Limbertie
Yves Parenteau
Lise Sirianni
Christian Hildago-Mazzei